Vernacular Branding

What makes us unique as creative consultants is not necessarily in how we technically solve a problem, but the thought process that precedes the solution. Sure, there are rules that play a major role in the process, but if we dig a bit deeper, our approach to creative/design problems is strongly influenced by our experiences, our identity, and our culture.

Designer Basics 101

This is a list of “tips” created for young designers developed from researching other sites, blogs and adding our own perspective. It's meant to bring some of the aspects to the forefront that often tend to be ignored. Enjoy!

Web Design Basics

This is another presentation I put together as part of our Blue Clover University sessions. This is a list of “tips” created for young designers I’ve developed from researching other sites/blogs and adding my own perspective. Enjoy!

Restaurants and Menu Design

One of the main marketing opportunities many restaurants fail to capitalize on when it comes to customers is having an engaging menu. A menu is a huge opportunity to “work” a captive audience into trying new dishes, desserts, etc. Great menu design provides an experience, not a laundry list of choices. For example, instead of just listing ingredients...

Featured Clients

proven experience

Legacy79 proved to be a true partner in our our operation. Their creativity and masterful design was just part of the success. Juan's ability to help our team guide our branding vision was pivotal as well.

Ross Virando, Hyatt Regency Reston