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wholistic approach

Legacy79. We’re wholistic. This is not a typo; we integrate all marketing channels and believe true branding is greater than the sum of its parts.

We push the concepts of brand. Consumer’s independent mindsets and expanded thought make us be exacting in our strategic orientation. Today, technology has created a multitude of new media options. Social Media. E-mail. AdWords. Search. Print. The impact of this media-width is profound. Consumers have become experts. Discerning. Picky. Sometimes brand-agnostic. From various influencers, they develop their own concepts of a brand.

At Legacy79, we harness the energy of the ‘wide marketplace’ to portray a business in the best, most fitting, and always consistent light. Superior brand penetration and range plus targeted appeal results. All factors come into the mix, not just a logo. It’s your company’s lifeblood we’re talking about.

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Offline Branding

Tangible. Impressive. Informative and energetic. Off-line branding through print – newspapers, newsletters, brochures, magazines, and other printed publications – are an integral part of our marketing strategies. In conjunction with new technologies, our creative capabilities utilize print medias to supplement your brand and story, infusing vitality into your legacy.


When you know your audience, what you provide in the way of incentives can become ‘legacy’. Integrated strategies tie it all together. Knowing your audience. Thinking about all the possible promotional touch-points of contact – posters, flyers, table tents and POP material - just to name a few. We come up with unique coupons, contests, sampling programs, and discount tiers. Then balance them out until we have the perfect mix.


Design. Images. Color Systems. Taglines… and more. All create a purposeful impression of what your company stands for. It's reflected in your logo, edifice, name, tag line, and stationery. You. Your team. It is not what you think it is; it's what the world perceives it to be. Strong identity development requires expert skill. Design diligence. Planning, intelligence and experience. It requires Legacy79.


Tangible. Impressive. Informative and energetic. Off-line branding through print – newspapers, newsletters, brochures, magazines, and other printed publications – are an integral part of our marketing strategies. In conjunction with new technologies, our creative capabilities utilize print medias to supplement your brand and story, infusing vitality into your legacy.

Logo Development

Logo development starts with listening; asking salient questions to fully understand your requirements. What is the intended brand positioning? How will the logo be primarily used? Inspiration comes from everywhere; experience, museums, cutting-edge publications, unrelated industries. And research. Then we “play” with ideas and objects, fonts and colors. Moving from complexity to simplicity, concept designs and symbols emerge and solidify.


Positioning can make or break a brand because it is almost entirely about influencing buyer perception. In our wholistic approach, Legacy79 develops a distinctive image in your target market's mind about your organization, product, service or brand. Our specialty is name-development and we pair that with a compelling visual and essential positioning line. What you stand for. How you will be perceived. What matters to your audience most? All blended together to define your ‘core’. Our process and our creativity make for exceptional communications of your essence.

Stationery Systems

An effective stationery system ensures a lasting impact on your audience. It serves as a point of conversation, it stands out from the crowd. It’s part of your story; it reflects your business personality via a unified system that goes beyond paper. This includes traditional print systems such as letterhead, business card, signage, etc., as well as online-based systems like email signatures and email templates (e-letterheads). The old and the new.

Visual & Brand Guidelines

Establishing and maintaining visual and brand consistency creates brand equity, which in turn leads to business growth. Because your brand may also be in the hands of your vendors, Legacy79 develops specific, clear guidelines detailing logo usage, color, font, image feel, company verbiage, etc. – across all points-of-contact; from social platforms to business cards. With countless media now available, it is critical to create precise, lasting guidelines that define your brand.

Brand Strategy

Many organizations skip this essential step in bringing their product or service to market. They wing it. A bit of forethought could have helped them be much more effective and targeted, but instead their launch lands flat. They hear crickets. What’s missing? A sensible and cohesive strategy. One that explores the competitive landscape, looks for opportunities to stand out and highlight their unique value offerings.

We help you gain share of mind by carving out an identity and a brand promise for your business. What will be the experience of the consumer exposed to your brand? Their perception of your messaging and the company’s day-to-day performance is key. We help you define your voice, your visual stamp, your creative theme, and your rightful claim to fame.

When brands become iconic, they’ve opened a lock in the consumer’s brain that had resisted purchase and persuasion. From then on, the consumer is theirs. Loyalty is the consequence of focused brand strategy. The lifetime value of a customer is a calculation worth considering! And banking upon.

Everyone has a brand – the question is – is it a thing of beauty or an accident in the making?


When you know what you stand for, you know what your customer needs and wants – then you can craft messages that resonate emotionally with your audience. Marketing messages are the ‘sum up’ of what your virtues and their needs are. This is a key initiative in the ‘go to market’ assistance we provide our clients. We push for a compelling articulation of your value that will gain attention. Done right, this can help you sell more in less time.

That’s worth doing, isn’t it?


There are numerous ways to make your mark online. First, picture your website at the center of a dazzling digital universe. Then visualize the tactics that drive people to it. Email. Banner advertising. Videos on YouTube. Mobile apps. Content marketing strategies. Social Media. PR.

Integrating the various tactics you’ll use both online and off takes a plan. Legacy79 sees the whole picture and can make considered arguments for which tactics come when. Not particularly impressed by the next bright shiny platform, Legacy79 wants to use what works. At the right time. For the right reasons. ROI is maximized by a brand that more effectively reaches its audience.


The unique form factors of smartphones and tablets spur Legacy79 on to find ways to tell your B2C or B2B story in that smaller window. Constraint inspires creativity.

Mobile-sensitive user-interfaces pay off in multiple ways. By building a better experience for users of handheld devices, you can generate more e-commerce sales. By delivering content that is purpose-built for the on-the-go website visitor, you can move prospects through a purchase path more predictably. And by providing utility in bursts of well-organized information, such as infographics, you can capture share of mind.

We strategize a singular approach to mobile, aligning the needs and expectations of site visitors with your ‘m’ goals. We keep abreast of emerging and evolving mobile technologies to bring it all together, designing and programming a mobile platform for you to take pride in. And profit from.


The centerpiece of all your marketing, this is where you drive visitors and move them along the purchase path from Awareness to Action. Blogs point here. Social Media point here. Your brochures and QR codes point here. So do your business cards, your YouTube videos, even your tradeshow graphics.

Your website is where prospects can learn more about your company. Establish your credibility on well-designed pages. Encourage buyers to fill their shopping carts in elegant e-commerce. Provide resources like white papers and case studies on information sites. As much consideration as you would give to opening a new retail store, a medical clinic or an office building, give to your website.

It’s your core presence on line.

Social Media

Identifying the right platforms that are appropriate for your business is half the battle. Our role is to develop a social media strategy that makes sense and that you can predicate some return upon. We write a social media plan that includes a content calendar. Then we create a visual presence for you in social media that is brand-consistent and in harmony with the social environment that surrounds it. It’s not uncommon to make a mini-website on your business pages in social media. It’s a distillation of your broader messaging, that entices audiences to your website and blog.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google cares about four things, in this order: Inbound Links, Deep Content, Title Tags and Constantly Updated Content. And of course that your site functions properly and loads quickly. Let us help you see beyond the hype and false promises of SEO to what is really achievable in the short and long term. We have experts on tap who have been doing SEO since Google was born; they are practiced and knowledgeable and realistic. Let us help improve your findability.

Content Management System (CMS)

Legacy79 provides web development that makes it easy for clients to update websites themselves. Our CMS specialties are WordPress and Joomla, but we are adept at many.

Our philosophy: empower clients to control how their website content expands. We collaborate from the start, even in selecting which CMS to use. We don’t think “programmers” should make this decision independent of the client. Legacy79 helps you select the approach that best fits your needs and the one that will provide future utility.

Imagine not having to depend on a programmer to publish something on your website? Big changes or small tweaks, you control what happens to your website from now on. It really should be called “Control Management System!”


The biggest shift in technology since the start of the Internet – that’s mobile. Growth in smartphone and tablet usage will be astonishing – in the next three years, data traffic will be 13x what it is today.

Given the vast number of people who will come to depend upon their handheld devices, it’s going to be crucial to have a responsive website, one that fills the frame of the viewing tool. No more ‘pinch and spread’ to see your site’s content. Legacy79 can build a ‘responsive website’ for an optimum viewing experience. For a more seamless appearance regardless of device, we build a website once and then let it automatically resize to the proper viewing area.

Email Marketing

This practically ancient tactic (in digital terms) is well liked and poised for significant growth for a reason! How often do you check your e-mail?

A sure way to stay top of mind, to provide real value to your subscribers, to move suspects to buyers in the purchase path, and to measure your results easily, this is a no brainer.

‘Own your list’ is a good motto. It means being deliberate about making your database a priority. Considering it a huge company asset. Segmenting your list. Mailing appropriate materials to identified target audiences. Monitoring open rates and click throughs.

If you do it right, you can be an e-mailing pro. We help our clients impress recipients with branded e-mail that looks world-class – and reads world-class. The success of an e-mailing is the quality of the list, the appeal of the subject line and most importantly – the creativity of the message. Both visual and verbal. Legacy79 believes in e-mail and believes in making the case for e-mail each time we create one.

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proven experience

From our recent opening of the Andaz Napa, Legacy79 did a terrific job. The biggest aspect that says they care about your success and not just the project is when they are willing to help with questions eight months after the project is done.

Andrew Barlow, Andaz Napa