Why Legacy79

Legacy79 is a creative consultancy. Your company’s heart and soul get magnified here. This is where branding, identity and technology unite to amplify your product or service’s value to the marketplace.

a different approach to branding

core values

our approach

It’s about emotional appeal. Feelings can be palpable and when tapped they can be an effective tool to captivate your audience. They can enhance a brand’s essence and create an aura around the offering. For sustainable and long-term influence, you want to build a brand that matters.

We are adept at waking up the marketplace to something new. Or something re-imaged. We want to build legacies. A memorable experience – visual and verbal and altogether your own.

To define and develop brands we use powerful story telling to stimulate emotions in the hearts and minds of your audience. That’s Legacy79.

the name is a statement

The root of the word ‘legacy’ is ‘legend’. The brands we develop are legends in the making. 79 comes from element 79 (Gold) and it’s a reminder that we are here to bring great value to our client partners. What will be your legacy?

  • Integrity
    • Strive for honesty and accountability, day-in and day-out
  • Excellence
    • Strive to exceed expectations in everything we do
  • Innovation
    • Strive to never stop learning and improving
  • Service
    • Strive to create a remarkable experience every time

Featured Clients

proven experience

Juan and his Legacy79 agency are brand-masters. He is a creative spark-maker yet he is amazingly grounded as well. What a combination - disciplined, inspired, and easy to work with. Any client would be lucky to work with Legacy79.

Laurie Macomber, Blue Skies Marketing