79ers on Board

We are excited and proud to announce that one of our 79ers will be joining the incoming leadership with the American Advertising Federation (AAF). Legacy79 Master Ideator, Genaro Solis, has been elected to the AAF San Antonio board of directors.

I am thrilled and honored to be selected to the board. My experience with AAF San Antonio has been so rewarding over the years and I am looking forward to working closely with a diverse group of professionals on the board.


Genaro’s background in working with college students was a big motivator in becoming more involved with the AAF. As a lecturer in the Communication Design program at Texas State University, he is not only responsible for teaching aspects of successful branding to his students but also helps prepare them to enter the job market after graduation.

This aspect of his job is one he feels is more valuable with the changes in the economy. Solis added “One of the most important responsibilities I have includes teaching design students how to put together solid portfolios and develop engaging self-promotional pieces, so they are best equipped to compete for those entry-level positions”. 

He also helps coordinate his students’ entries into different design student competitions as well as encourages their involvement with industry organizations such as the AAF.

I am excited to bring my passion and perspective for working with students to the board and hope to build on the solid foundation of the AAF’s commitment to the next generation of advertising professionals.


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