Mining Brand Gold

Theodore Roosevelt once said nothing worth having comes easy. And while it’s common to go down the path of least resistance, we believe it’s only right to put in the work that produces something of true value for our clients. The importance of digging deeper and putting in this extra effort to do it right is something that we have built our reputation on and is engrained into our process. Our methodology includes several key steps including exploration, mining, extraction, and refinement. This approach defines our agency mission to discover brand gold for our clients. 


The exploration phase includes a thorough discovery process that helps produce a sound strategy. Our discovery process includes a variety of tools from deep-dive assessments and collateral audits to website evaluations and consumer research. If you are a startup, we’ll work on analyzing your business goals and mission statement to identify elements that will help us craft your story in an authentic and compelling manner.


The origin of our name tells it all. The number 79 is the atomic number for the element Gold. And this is at the heart of what we do. We look to establish a brand’s legacy through mining to help elevate your brand. It’s about telling your story in an honest and memorable way. Being true to your brand’s voice requires a deep exploration and results in much more than pretty visuals or interesting designs.


Here is where we make your brand shine. After the due diligence in the discovery and mining stage, we produce and execute tactics that connect with your target audience. Whether online via the web or through offline channels, our targeted executions keep your goals at the forefront. We look for the most efficient outlets to showcase your brand story and help you execute an effective communication strategy that resonates with your audience.


In this phase, we monitor messaging and execution to ensure they are performing as intended. Post-execution evaluations are part of our holistic process. Reviewing lead generation data, website analytics, heatmaps and consumer surveys are just some of the ways we assess and refine a marketing strategy in order to help grow your brand.

We employ these steps each and every time and they result in successful campaigns and happy clients. Let us help you mine your brand’s gold. Together we can take your brand further. Help you take your Branding Beyond.  

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