2020–The Year of Video Storytelling

This year has brought some big challenges impacting how most businesses market their products and services. Despite these challenges, companies have shown to be resilient, coming up with more creative ways to promote themselves. In the last 6-months, we have been able to empower a number of clients with unique solutions to help them overcome some of the physical obstacles they have encountered this year.


We get it. There is no substitute for creating in-person connections with your customers. From networking mixers, corporate training events, and even sales presentations, in-person meetings can be one of the most effective ways to present your story and make a connection.

One of our great client partners, a credit union based in California, was facing the challenge of no longer being able to have their Membership Development team make in-person presentations. These presentations are mission-critical to be able to share their unique story and detail some of the great benefits they have to offer. We were able to help them develop a solution that was personal, fun, and informative–a video module that delivers critical content such as member benefits and seasonal products.

Now this was not your standard membership benefits video – we added a unique twist. Instead of utilizing generic talent, we created a custom animation video utilizing “virtual” member service representatives based off real-life team members!

Our team created onscreen avatar representatives modeled off of 22 members of the Membership Development team, even using these individuals for voiceover reads for the video. This provided our client with a video version of their entire Membership Development team, telling the brand’s unique story and highlighting member benefits without losing the personalization and uniqueness of their representatives.   


Video is such a powerful format for communicating your message, why not leverage this medium by telling your story in a way that truly defines who you are. We recently produced two promotional videos that embodied the creative spirit and personality of the agency.

Our new creative reel is a thorough, yet concise, review of some of our most recent creative work. Developed to capture the viewer’s attention by first showcasing our team doing what they love in their natural environment, the video quickly transitions to a creative showcase, highlighting some of the best work by the 79ers.

We also developed a series of short video segments to introduce our team. Our Meet the 79ers segments allowed each of our team members to tell their own story, in their own words, in the most authentic way.   

We promoted and distributed these segments via social media, allowing not only our agency’s followers to find out more about our staff but also boosting the exposure exponentially through tagging each individual team member to bring in their social audiences.   

The end result was a cohesive and very personal series, allowing those interested in the agency to learn a little more about the team, in their own words.

While these examples showcase differences in execution and distribution, the use of video is one of the most effective ways to communicate your message, especially in today’s environment.

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