Our Four Step Process

At Legacy79, we’re “wholistic”. We believe that to build inspirational branding programs and identities, the (whole) process must be considered. To ensure a successful outcome, we follow a four-step process:

The Backbone

Discovery & Strategy

Every project requires initial insight. This step is about us gaining clarity, foresight and planning for a successful outcome. Psychographics are more powerful than demographics, in this step we show you why...

Deep Dive AssessmentsIntake ProcessDiscovery InterviewsComprehensive ResearchTouch Point Analysis

Brand DNA

Find your Voice & Tonality

Every good story has its own unique voice. In this step, we begin crafting the DNA of your brand through powerful, targeted messaging. We also begin to develop a visual strategy that serves as the blueprint for your marketing and advertising programs.

Identity Development ProcessMessaging & Positioning DeckMood Boards & Toolkits

Tactical Attack

Target, Execute & Deploy

Marketing is war – you're fighting for attention and retention. Your best weapon is creativity, with a clear focus on user experience. This is our vocation. We specialize in visual identities and interactive user solutions that grow engagement and inspire action.

Online Branding SolutionsOffline Branding Solutions

Evaluate & Adjust

Track, Evaluate & Adjust

We use the latest tools to assess the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. We adjust as needed. And we continually seek to improve the user experience to fuel your brand and its value.

Lead Generation TrackingWeb Analytics & HeatmapsSEO & Usability Reviews